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BAZ AGAM ask Kualita Pendidikan Indonesia (KPI) for Training and Workshop premiere in Agam District


Saturday, June 9, 2012 Bukittinggi

Preparation for the preparation came on the day when the long-awaited and eagerly anticipated by all participants who have signed up to follow events and Motivation Training Workshop dihandel directly by the National Education kualita Indonesia. As we know that the registration by sending an sms to a mobile phone number to one committee has been closed until June 7 at 16.00, but calculated to the day, there are teachers and school principals to enroll following the inaugural event was raised in Agam regency. This certainly shows how enthusiastic schools in Agam district to attend this event.

Excellence is in addition to a national event, BAZ AGAM quite instrumental hook cooperation with important institutions that have worked in the capacity of science education is the foundation kualita Education Indonesia (KPI). Indonesia Education kualita educational consultancy, motivator, training, and workshops that have pioneered and opened a new world in the input and output quality of education as the establishment of integrated schools that better balance the potential of their students. IBC was founded in 1999 and legally incorporated foundation hukuk made ​​before notary Atika Ashiblie, SH notary deed dated 11 September 2008 9 SK. Minister KUMHAM No. dated October 6, 2008. AHU 4399. hT.01.02 TH 2008. In seed Core Product KPIs include: Building a Quality-Based School System, Principal Reliable Printing, Printing Teachers and Parents Superb Printing.

The presence of KPI is also closer to the agency or agencies that build philanthropy in Indonesia in the eyes of professional social intelligence so advanced.

The event was originally planned to be opened by Mr. Regent Agam, finally started at 08.30 that directly opened by Mr. Yandril, S.Sos BAZ chairman AGAM no bias due to the Regent Agam present. But the opening 40 minutes seleh pickle started, nationwide event is visited Mr. Regional Secretariat who were invited to the opening event. Alhamdulillah, Mr. H. Syafirman, SH took time to provide direction and motivation as well as at the event. “The context of this activity is the beginning and the opening move for the Department of Education, Youth and Sports in Agam regency, because training is only carried out one day, when the deeper target of the training can be done 3 days to a week with a variety of features needs of teachers and principals in the district Agam, the second implementation is taken from the allocation of funds to the division amil zakat donations and assisted with local government budget allocations Agam “welcome submission and reporting of AGAM BAZ chairman, Mr Yandril, S.Sos.

Remarks of Mr. Agam Secretariat, more on encouraging sincerity teachers and principals to attend training events and workshops, because of the intensity of the quality of teaching is so correlated with education in Agam District ouput both graduation rates and average intelligence in students. After giving a speech, BAZ AGAM handed scholarships PMDK 12 people pass the first wave of the amount of Rp 21,000,000, – (twenty one million dollars). Dialkukan symbolic handover by Mr. Agam Secretariat and Chairman BAZ AGAM on two representative prospective students. In addition to teachers and principals attended the event by an active board BAZ AGAM previously discussed in the meeting agenda.

So enthusiastic participants with training materials provided by Tim Trainer IBC, Mr Arif Santoso, ST to local principals material titled Leadership for Fundamental Principle and Mr. Machmudi, SP for local teachers with the title material Teacher Professionalism How to dipenghujung imperceptibly came time training is completed at 16.00.

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